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Open Science Modus Operandi of Research Communication

📅 May 11, 2023, 12:00 – 14:00 (BRT/UTC-3)
🌐 Language: Spanish

Preprints and their participation in the open science ecosystem

What are preprints, how is their quality assured, what is their relationship with scientific journals? These are some of the topics that will be reviewed in this seminar, including an analysis of trends and how the participation of preprints in the international open science ecosystem is envisioned.


The subject of preprints is still new among the academic and scientific community because there are still several fears and myths that need to be clarified. In this seminar the topic will be extensively addressed from what are preprints, what are the routes to follow, good practices for publication will be reviewed and monitoring metrics will be disclosed, focusing on how preprints are part of and contribute to Open Science. 

In this area there are several organizations that contribute in different ways, PREreview is one of them and their work will be reviewed, along with the process of peer review of preprints. Finally, those tools that are used as preprint servers will be addressed, highlighting the interoperable part with other open platforms, standardizing and following the technological recommendations that allow the correct exchange of information.


12:00 – 12:10 – Opening and introduction of the panelists (Julio Zetter Patiño) [VIDEO]

12:10 – 12:40 – Preprints, overview, routes and best practices for publication and tracking metrics (Joel Torres Hernández) [VIDEO] [DOWNLOAD]

12:40 – 13:10 – PREreview and peer review (Arturo Garduño Magaña) [VIDEO] [DOWNLOAD]

13:10 – 13:40 – Preprint servers, aspects to consider for their implementation and interoperability (Araceli Hernández Morales) [VIDEO] [DOWNLOAD]

13:40 – 14:00 – Questions from the audience and closing (Julio Zetter Patiño) [VIDEO]

About Julio Zetter Patiño

He holds a degree in Sociology from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Unidad Xochimilco (Mexico) and a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Currently, he is an Academic Technician at the General Directorate of Libraries and Digital Information Services of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México where he is part of the coordination and editorial management team of the SciELO Mexico database and virtual archive library within the Department of Latin American Bibliography. His professional field of study is focused on Open Access scientific journals, their management processes, evaluation and application of quality criteria; structuring and use of metadata standards and use of Creative Commons open licenses.

About Joel Torres Hernández

Specialist in Open Science, with more than 300 successful projects of institutional repositories, automation of editorial processes, digital publishing, integration of digital libraries, creation of online educational campuses and development of software to support education. He is the founder of eScire consultancy, a pioneer in the implementation of Open Science platforms and leader in Latin America in the design of positioning and visibility plans for scientific and academic publications, as well as technological innovation projects in the field of data management and digital preservation.

Coordinator of the main community of OJS Users and Developers in the region, as well as the Mexican DSpace Users Group in Lyrasis. Founder and instructor of the Comunidad del Conocimiento Virtual, which serves around 250 institutions in Latin America dedicated to sharing information about free software, open access, information management and knowledge, in which specialized courses and workshops are openly taught. He coordinated the training for the adoption of OJS to automate digital publication processes for several scientific journals, including Mexican publications that belong to the CONACYT index.

About Arturo Garduño Magaña

Arturo joined the PREreview team in February 2022, where he leads the design and implementation of a training program for grant reviewers under the principles of equity, openness and social justice. During the past 5 years, he worked at the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de México (CONACYT), participating in the implementation of the Open Science Policy and coordinating the Repositories Program, managing a portfolio of 108 projects to increase open science capabilities in more than one hundred universities and research centers, building a community of researchers, specialists and developers committed to fostering open practices.

About Araceli Hernández Morales

Specialist in the information sector with more than 15 years of experience promoting access, consultation and development of scientific and academic databases in Spanish language in Latin America. 

Expert in the use of technological platforms for the management of editorial processes of journals and preprints that follow peer review processes. She has participated in the standardization process carried out by Mexican scientific journals, developing a methodology that facilitates the adoption of automated systems and promoting the indexing of journals in specialized databases and national and international indexes. She has the “OJS for journal managers” certification issued by PKP. 

During her professional career she has coordinated the implementation of more than 100 technology projects for information and knowledge management in scientific publications.

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Julio Zetter Patiño

Julio Zetter Patiño


Joel Torres Hernández

Joel Torres Hernández

Arturo Garduño Magaña

Arturo Garduño Magaña

Araceli Hernández Morales