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Code of Conduct

As a fundamental part of the events promoted by SciELO, all participants must follow our code of conduct, guided by DEIA Principles (diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility), in order to promote an open, healthy, and safe space for everyone.

We expect that all people, while participating in spaces hosted by SciELO, will be respectful and inclusive, will not make threats of violence, use harmful, prejudicial, or prejudiced language (ableist, racist, xenophobic, LGBTphobic, sexist, ageist etc.), make personal attacks, or engage in any type of behavior that can be interpreted as harassment or pestering. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and participants who do not adhere to the code of conduct are subject to being removed from the current event and banned from participating in any events hosted by SciELO in the future.

If you have any questions, encounter any violations of the code of conduct, feel under attack, or are the victim of any form of harassment or pestering, please contact us in Portuguese, Spanish, or English via the form available at: https://forms.gle/6kSp9N9Kb6tB3E1AA