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We so loved Open Access

We so loved Open Access

Book cover for "We so loved Open Access"

Coordinator: Jan Velterop
Editor: Leila Posenato Garcia
Authors: Abel Packer; Peter Suber; Robert Kiley; Rob Terry; Ginny Barbour; Martin Paul Eve; Melissa Hagemann; Subbiah Arunachalam; Bernard Rentier; David Prosser; Hélène Bosc; Susan Veldsman; John Willinsky; Dominique Babini; Jan Velterop
Year: 2023
ISBN: 978-65-993452-6-5
DOI: https://doi.org/10.21452/abec.2023.isbn.978-65-993452-6-5


The SciELO Program was created in the late 1990s when the idea of free access to scholarly content began to gain momentum, even before the term “open access” had been coined. At that time, access to academic publications was limited and costly, restricted to university libraries and the collections they subscribed to. With the emergence of the World Wide Web, electronic access to academic information became practically possible, allowing for wider and faster dissemination of scientific publications. However, the restricted access publishing system still dominated. In this book, the origins and evolution of the open access movement are explored from the perspective of individuals who actively participated. These pioneers of open access shared their experiences, successes, collaborations, and visions for the future on the occasion of SciELO’s 25th anniversary. The book pays tribute to their pioneering efforts and the crucial role played by SciELO in supporting open access and spotlighting regions of the world that were previously underrepresented in global academic communication. This celebration demonstrates how SciELO firmly placed these regions on the map of global academic communication and contributed to strengthening the open access movement throughout its successful journey. 

Table of Contents

Front Matter / Elementos Pré-textuais / Páginas Iniciales


The Journey of SciELO’s 25 years: reality beyond utopia and illusion

Fast and slow at the same time

Supporting Open Access for 20 years: Five issues that have slowed the transition to full and immediate OA

Research is born free but everywhere is in chains…. (apologies to Rousseau)

The power and importance of open access

“The guy who bangs on about open access”

Reflections on the Development of the Open Access Movement

Open Access in India: A long way to go and miles before we sleep 

Liège, a cradle of academic Open Access voluntarism

Publication Equity: a neglected aspect of open access?

My Open Access librarian’s story

Sivulile – “We are Open” – in South Africa

Reflections on twenty-five years of the Public Knowledge Project

The movement towards open access and open science in Latin America: the view from CLACSO

Open Access, an inevitable evolution to fit a fundamentally changed environment